Tematska nastava na satovima Engleskog jezika s prof. Koraljkom Mak 2018.

Report on the school project about laces in the English class by our teacher Ms. Mak

On the 9th of November 2018, our class prepared different presenations and brought them to school, for our school project about Croatian cultural heritage. The project was about laces in Croatia, especially the Pag, Hvar and Lepoglava laces along with some other types…

The First group to present has made a poster about the history of lace, the different types of lace and how they are made. Their poster had pictures and text acompanying those pictures. At the end of their presentation, they mentioned that the Croatian lace is recognized by UNESCO as Croatian intangible cultural heritage.

The members of the first group are: Patrik Bartoš, Emanuel Križić, Lucija Blažan, Luka Drmić-Banović, Marija Murlin and Jana Slamnig

The second group to present has created a short video about Pag and Lepoglava lace, how it is made, where it is used and the history of lace. The video consisted of short clips of the laces in the Etnographic museum and the Gallery in Radić street. It also had off screen narration. This video ends with the narrator mentioning how the Pag and Lepoglava lace are an important part of Croatian cultural heritage.

The members of the second group are: Lovro Dokić, Valentina Dušak, Tanja Crnčević, Ema Jakšić, Karolina Horvat and Martin Devčić

The third group to present also shot a short video, but this time it was only about Lepoglava lace. The video consisted out of short clips of a narrtor reading about the lace, while walking around Zagreb. They showed pictures of Lepoglava lace in detail, and also talked about its history, as well as how expensive it is.

The members of the third group are: Klara Jovanov, Korina Vekić, Jan Buben, Petra Mareković, Mia Kramarić and Rajna Franulić.

The fourth group to present made a humoristic mock interview about lace. They used a combination of humor, information and images to make a great informative video about lace. They interviewed two “Celebrities“, played by the members of their group, about Pag and Lepoglava lace, they also showed pictures of theese lace.

The members of the fourth group: Mihael Kuzmičić, Ivan Matana, Martin Momčinović, Rene Recek, Mateo Klanac and Marko Zidar.

At the end of the presentation of the project, we have learned many different things we haven’t even known about the Pag and Lepoglava lace, through a fun and informative way. I look forward to more projects like this.

Reported by: Martin Devčić

Pogledajte video i foto prilog koji su napravili učenici…

prikupljanje podataka: Ema Jakšić, Martin Devčić

tekst i voiceover: Tyler Dušak

snimatelji: Lovro Dokić, Karolina Horvat

montaža: Tanja Crnčević

Koraljka Mak, prof.